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If you’re thinking of funding journalism, start here…

It’s been around a year since Ariadne published my paper ‘An Introduction to Funding Journalism and Media‘, since when, various networks have released new resources and networks related to the funding of journalism.

This week, the Global Investigative Journalism Conference is happening in Hamburg. As part of that, the Rudolf Augstein Stiftung is hosting a meeting today for foundations in Germany and from across Europe to discuss the findings and recommendations of this new report (by me) on ‘How to fund investigative journalism‘. It’s part of a series of reports from DW Akademie, including this one which profiles 9 investigative journalism organisations around the world.

Also in Germany, a grouping of funders, journalists and civil society organisations has issued an open letter calling for the recognition of non-profit journalism (Gemeinnütziger Journalismus).

For a bigger picture view, Sarah Armour-Jones and Jessica Clark’s March 2019 overview of the Global Media Philanthropy space for Media Impact Funders is excellent. Sarah recently published another paper, also interesting and practical, but more focused on the US and using US grantmaking data from Candid.

And finally, the Journalism Funders Forum, which is hosted by the European Journalism Centre, issued a series of themed newsletters in the first half of the year (me again). The back issues can be read here, and cover topics including gender and #MeToo, media capture, innovation and collaboration, inequality and engagement, media philanthropy, and investigative journalism. The underlying research for all the newsletters is available in an open Google doc to which you can also add resources.

I’m painfully aware that all these resources are in English, and as diverse and global as they try to be, they will always miss crucial sources and resources from other places and languages. Please do respond with others that you know of.

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